Fever During Pregnancy: Huge 2 Effects, Treatments

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Are you pregnant with a fever?

If so, you’re naturally going to worry if your baby will be okay. At most care should be taken during pregnancy as it is a very crucial time in every woman’s life. A fever during pregnancy is often a symptom of an underlying condition that could potentially be harmful to your growing baby.

Let us first identify the symptoms of fever at the time of pregnancy.

  1. Symptoms of fever body temperature remain more than 38.3 degrees Celsius,
  1. shivering feeling headache,
  2. sweating, dehydration,
  3. body ache fatal diarrhea and
  4. vomiting.

Why these symptoms are shown?

When a woman becomes pregnant, the body’s blood volume increases. The extra blood aids the development of the placenta, and this is essential to ensure separate blood supply to the fetus and to provide it with nourishment.

In the 16th week of pregnancy, the flow of blood plasma to the kidneys increases by 75 percent and continues to increase until the pregnancy reaches full term.

This additional blood flow means the metabolism speeds up, creating more body heat. For this reason, a woman is expected to feel more emotional during pregnancy.

The body goes through a considerable amount of other changes during pregnancy. Hormone levels fluctuate, the uterus expands to make room for the growing baby, and a completely new organ, the placenta, grows to support the fetus.

Symptoms of pregnancy occur due to these changes, although not all people experience the same symptoms. Some women hardly notice any symptoms.

How will a fever affect my baby?

If a future mother’s body temperature goes from 98.6 degrees to fever, it is a sign that she is fighting an infection. So it is essential to seek treatment immediately.

A new study in animal embryos shows a link between fever early in pregnancy and an increased risk of heart and jaw defects at birth. More research is needed to establish if fever itself, not the infection that causes it, increases the risk of human birth defects.

fever during pregnancy
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If you are in your first trimester and have a fever of over one hundred and two degrees. Be sure to seek treatment immediately. This can help prevent short and long-term complications for your developing baby.

Why do I have a fever?

Fevers are often caused by urinary tract infections and respiratory viruses, but other infections could also be to blame.

Common causes of fever during pregnancy include influenza, pneumonia, tonsillitis, viral gastroenteritis, pyelonephritis due to a stomach virus, kidney infection.

What if my fever goes away on its own? Even if mothers think they are fine after the fever subsides, it is always best to play it safe and see your doctor anyway. fevers during pregnancy are never normal, so an exam is always recommended.

Fortunately, if the fever was caused by a viral illness, hydration and Tylenol are usually enough for recovery. But if the cause is bacterial, an antibiotic is often needed. Pregnant women should not take aspirin or ibuprofen. The most important thing is to see your doctor get the proper treatment.

How to cure my fever?

Consultation with a doctor

To treat a fever, it is important for a doctor to diagnose the underlying cause. A doctor will prescribe different medications depending on the cause of the fever.


If the cause of the fever is a bacterial infection, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics. In general, most antibiotics are considered safe by health professionals during pregnancy.

However, only 10% of antibiotic medications “have sufficient data related to safe and effective use” during pregnancy. Therefore, a physician should conduct a risk assessment and monitor its use.

Antiviral drugs

If a pregnant woman notices any flu symptoms, she should see a doctor as soon as possible.
They can prescribe antiviral medications, which are most effective when a person takes them within 48 hours of noticing symptoms.

Home remedies to cure fever during pregnancy

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Home remedies to cure fever during pregnancy

So if you are afraid of taking medicines at time of pregnancy here are some home remedies for fever during pregnancy. In the below section we have brought for you some home remedies that will help you to cure the fever during Pregnancy instantly at home.
Home remedies to cure fever during pregnancy.


Vinegar is widely used to cure fever, as it has the property of extracting heat from the skin.

This action helps to reduce body temperature quickly. So if you have a fever due to a urinary tract infection, take the vinegar virus to cure the fever during pregnancy.

When preparing, take half a cup of vinegar and add it to the warm bath water style, we will use your hand and leave it for two minutes. Bathe well in this water for 10 minutes. Pack Your Dry Skin Use this remedy once a day to get rid of fever during pregnancy.

2. Onion

It consists of natural antiviral and antibiotic properties that kill the bacteria responsible for fever.

Prepare it, take one onion and cut it in two or three medium-size slices.

place the onion slices on the bottom of both feet. Wrap the feet together with the onion with a warm cloth. Keep it overnight or for more than two to three hours. Use this remedy once a day to get rid of fever during pregnancy.

3. Olive oil with garlic.

Garlic has antibacterial properties that kill fever bacteria to create disease. The olive oil in this remedy acts as a calming agent and provides relief from body pain.

Prepare it, take two cloves of garlic and crush them with a measure of two tablespoons of olive oil to eat.

Mix well to create a thick paste. Apply the paste to the bottom of your feet and cover it with the plastic cover. Hold it for over an hour and then remove it and wash your feet with cold water. Use this remedy twice a day to reduce fever during pregnancy.

4.Green Tea.

Green tea has antioxidant and antibiotic properties that make it suitable for treating fever pregnancy.

Preparation: Take a cup of water in a small container, add a teaspoon of green tea powder and a teaspoon of sugar to boil it for five minutes, and then let it cool for two minutes.

Bring tea twice a day to treat fever during pregnancy at home.

5.Cold compression

The burning body temperature can make you uncomfortable during pregnancy. The cold compress will reduce body temperature and relieve fever.

Preparation: Take a bowl full of cold water to leave a clean cloth for two minutes.

Remove excess water from the cloth and place it on your forehead. Keep it for two minutes until the watch absorbs heat from my body, remove the cloth from your forehead, and submerge it again in cold water.

Repeat the process five to 10 times to reduce body temperature. Use this remedy twice a day to keep body temperature at a normal level.

fever during early pregnancy

Here are some tips and home remedies that will provide relief from fever and help you recover from illness first. Plus, you don’t have to worry about side effects. I hope this is helpful in staying healthy and having a happy pregnancy.

fever during pregnancy FAQ

How to cure fever during pregnancy ?

It is important for a doctor to diagnose the underlying cause. A doctor will prescribe different medications depending on the cause of the fever.

What is the normal temperature for a pregnant woman?

the normal temperature for a pregnant woman is about 37°C.

What is considered a fever during pregnancy?

In general, the rule is the same during pregnancy: a temperature of 100 or 101 degrees Fahrenheit is considered a fever.

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