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welcome to gooalife.com. This site provide trustworthy notes and information on life science, biology, health and other.

About Gooalife.com

Gooalife.com is launched in 2019 with the aim to provide every possible note, information, and guides related to life science, biology, health, and others.

This website covers Physiology: Plants,  Health and Fitness, Physiology: Animals, Diet, zoology, botany, biotechnology, Immunology, Cell Biology, Environmental Science, and others.

About Author

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Balaji Bissoi

The author’s name is Balaji Bissoi. He did a Bachelor of Science (BSc) qualified graduate and Scientific Blogger. He provides notes with the help of professors and doctors. In a student’s life, the lack of information is very harmful to their study. He realizes the importance of notes and information for students and others so we are trying to provide that.

                                          Thank you.