38 Amazing Facts about India

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facts about india

Facts about India

Get ready to discover one of the most delightful countries in the world. Today we’re looking at unbelievable facts you didn’t know about one of the largest country in the world, India. With a population of over a billion people. India is one of the most important and powerful countries in the nation. Its cultural history is individually complex and detailed spanning 4500 years of predominantly.

The list of amazing facts about india

Number 1,
First things first, I’m the realist, but also there’s a lot of people in India In India, that’s a surprisingly difficult thing to say. India’s population is 1.331 billion people.

Number 2,
In fact, there are so many people In India, it’s predicted that the country will even pass China’s population in 2028. That’s in 11 years by the way.

Number 3
There are six big languages spoken throughout the country, namely Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil and Urdu sounds like a lot, but it’s comparing this to 1961, in which the census of India listed 1652 languages, which sounds such so confusing. it is a unique facts about India Many of these dialects have since died out, that is relief to all those writing tourism guidebooks for New Delhi.

Number 4,
India has a booming film industry. In fact, it’s the biggest in the world. Their industry produces more than 1100 Films each year.

Number 5.
Bollywood, by the way, is a Hindi movie industry and it’s primarily based in Mumbai. And let me tell you, it’s damn popular in 2011. There are 3.5 million tickets were bought all over the world for bollywood movies. That’s 900,000 of more than Hollywood movies.

Number 6.
This country is the world’s biggest producer and consumer of the mango, making it officially the national fruit of India.

Number 7.

It’s also a country in which it’s incredibly dangerous to drive a car or you know, anything. According to the British Medical Journal. 200,000 people die every year from accidents on the roads of India. That’s more than any other country in the entire world. Getting around on just under four wheels is a pretty big deal over there. In fact, nowadays India is the biggest country in the world for getting around on two wheels, whether it’s on bicycles or motor bicycles.

Number 8.
As a nation they have broken many world records. In 2015. They broke the record for the largest gathering of people dressed like Mahatma Gandhi, which 4605 in attendance, which must have been quite a party.

38 Amazing Facts about India 1 facts about india
Mahatma Gandhi(facts about india)

Number 9.
Another World Record includes the longest mustache at 4.29 meters held by an Indian man named Ram Singh tower. It looks great and it must be a nightmare. Everything super that mighty thing.

Number 10
An Indian lady by the name of Kalamandalam Hemalatha, Lester holds the world record for the Longest Dance Marathon by an individual. she danced for 123 hours and 15 minutes.

Number 11
They have the world record for the most consecutive yoga positions on a motorcycle. Have Ramesh managed to do 50 of them come out. Don’t try that at home please, unless you don’t want a road.

Number 12.

India is actually very very good at Space based affairs as well as motorbike yoga, dancing and facial hair. It was the first country to successfully send a spacecraft to Mars on their first try. The Mars Orbiter Mission was launched in November 2013 and has been orbiting in space since September 2014.

Number 13.
As well as that water on the moon was first discovered by India’s Astro Chandrayaan in September of 2009.

Number 14.
In 1963, the Indian Space Research Organization launched India’s first rocket from the Thumper equatorial launching station. The rocket itself was so light it was transported to the station by bicycle.

first rocket of india by bycle


First rocket of India (facts about India)

Number 15
26th. of May is science day in Switzerland. Now you may be wondering, Sam your big idiot trumpet This is India or not Switzerland, but bear with me the entire days in honor of ex-president a PJ Abdul Kalam who studied physics in aerospace engineering. He was called the missile man because of its development of ballistic missiles and launch vehicles.

apj abdul kalam facts about india
Dr. APJ Abdul lalam(facts about india)

Number 16.
Now it’s time for a fact about a tomb, I love a tomb. Herman’s tomb, which is located in New Delhi is the world’s first garden. It was constructed in memory of the Mughal Emperor Puma Yun, as the name suggests.

Number 17.
The country has one of the longest-lasting and oldest civilizations in the world. The Indus Valley, for example, which takes up 5% of India itself these days as it’s now mostly Pakistan dates back to around 2400 BC, aka 4500 years ago.

Number 18.
All around 20 to 40% of the population of India is vegetarian, which makes it the world’s largest population of nonmeat eaters. this fact gives a unique value from all over the world.

vegetarian food
fruits and vegetables(facts about india)

Number 19.
Some of their most popular dishes are vegetarian In fact, matar Paneer, Butter POW and Chole buttere are all very popular and very meat-free.

Number 20.
The world’s oldest recognized University was originally educating the living heck out of people in India. The taxila was founded in 700 bc and it’s located in the northwest of Bharat which is technically now Pakistan but used to be India.

Number 21.
We have been thankful for one of the world’s Most Popular board games and one that makes me feel stupid every time. Chess Chaturanga or cutter for short was invented in ancient India and it’s the ancestor of chess,and eventually evolved into chess like a very thoughtful Pokemon when it was brought to late medieval Europe.

Number 22.
We also have in here to thank for another one of the world’s most popular board games, and one that is genuinely harder to win than chess, snakes and ladders. The game also originated in ancient India and was introduced to Victorian England in 1892.it was played with real snakes? Now, probably not probably a stereotype too.

Number 23.

The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world. It cost around 30 million rupees to build which in today’s writer colonies would be 52.8 billion rupees or 807 million US dollars, or 648 million British pounds for 738 million euros.it took 22 years to build it.

facts about india
taj Mahal of India(facts about india)

Number 24
The reason why it took so long to build is that the entire thing is perfectly symmetrical from every single angle. Think of the planning and the execution to build something that’s perfectly symmetrical that must have taken forever. Well, like a thousand days, probably. None of those he bought. The Taj Mahal actually a pretty grave. It was commissioned by Mughal Emperor Sharjah, the mausoleum of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal who died in 1631

muntaj tajmahal


mumtaj and her husband (facts about India)

Number 25
Mumtaz must be delighted now because she has 8 million people visiting her final resting place every year

Number 26.
Dr. Rajendra prasad was the first President of the Republic of India. Allegedly Brossard only took 50% of his salary for the job, which was about 10,000 rupees.

dr rajendra prasad facts about india


Rabindra prasad ( facts about India )

Number 27.

India is the second-largest English speaking country in the entire world. 10% of the population which is around 125 million people, by the way, can speak English.

Number 28.
India also loves and invented a sport known as Kabaddi. India’s Kabaddi team both men and women has won every single kabaddi World Cup that has ever taken place no more every day. In case you don’t know what Kabaddi is, it sounds like a riot. Kabaddi is a team contact sport in which there are two teams. The two teams send a raider into the opposing team side of the field. The Raider will then earn points by talking to the opposing team members and returning to the home side, all while taking a single breath.

kabbadi the indian game


this is an Indian game known as kabbadi. (facts about India)

Number 29.
Rabindranath Tagore wrote India’s national anthem Jana Gana Mana. He also wrote the Bangladeshi national anthem, Mr. Sano Bangla, to as well as firework by Katy Perry.

facts about india
Rabindranath Tagore(facts about india)

Number 30.

India’s flag was adopted in 1947 after they became independent In from British, the flag has to be made out of a special cloth also called khadi.
The flag consist of three colors and symbol in the middle of a flag is known as Ashoka or Dharma chakra, also known as the wheel of life

facts about india
Indian flag(facts about india)

Number 31.
India’s national bird is the peacock and the national animal is the tiger.

tiger facts about india


Indian Tiger (facts about India)

Number 32.

There’s also over 154,000 post offices across the whole of the land with a single post office serving around 7175 people on average.

Number 33,
Shampoo was first invented in the 16th century. the word sampoo derived from the Sanskrit, which means massage. The theory of shampooing was invented in India in the 16th century. herbs and natural elements were used then, rather than today’s compound of modern chemicals and different sequences, in particular gooseberry, SAP Hindus and fruit Pope. When colonial visitors came to India they took the method of shampooing and hair washing back with them to Europe.

Number 34
diamonds were first dug in India and india was the world’s greatest producer of diamonds. There are now three active diamond mines in India, and the great Kohinoor diamond was discovered in the 13th century. The 793 carat stone went from person to person and was eventually acquired by Queen Victoria during the British Raj in India.

facts about india kahimur diamond


the kohinur diamond (facts about India)

Number 35

elephants in Kerala can handle themselves to a spa day. Puno through Arcata elephant yard rejuvenation Center gives elephants with Babs massages and soothing pamper sessions. The spa caters to 59 clients and is a way of giving back to the sacred animal. Elephants play an essential role in Corollas temple processions and are a meaningful role of the region so they deserve a massage every now and then. this is an incredible facts of india.

Number 36,
The biggest spiritual gathering in India can be seen from space. Kumba Mela is a Hindu wayfaring that takes people to the banks of the Ganga river every 12 years. The major effect involves formal bathing devotional singing, religious discussion and feeding the poor peoples. The public figures had to be kept at 75 million, making it the biggest pilgrimage honor.

kumbh mela in india facts about india


kumbh meal of India (facts about India)

Number 37.
The no.37 facts about india is Indians made navigation yoga, the world’s most affordable car, and thorium-based nuclear power. Indian society can take credit for some of the most valuable inventions in the world. They were the first to create the idea of navigation over 6000 years ago, using rivers and seas. these facts about India was founded 5000 years ago and has roots in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. The country is trying to produce 30% of its electrical power with thorium by 2015.

Number 38.
India is the kings and queens of outsourcing which means doing work for companies in other countries. 80% of European and us outsourcing is in India, and it’s an industry worth 150 billion dollars, contributing to the economy quite massively.

This article contain 38 numbers of facts about india

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